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An Ultimate Guide When Looking for Vintage Barbies

An Ultimate Guide When Looking for Vintage Barbies

An Ultimate Guide When Looking for Vintage Barbies

Today, vintage Barbie has become a sought-after collector's item because of the detailed quality each doll possesses.

If you are one of those who are fond of collecting vintage Barbie or who is starting to collect vintage Barbie, its now time to familiarize yourself with information and details about collecting vintage Barbie before hitting various flea markets and antique stores, shops and malls.

  1. It's all about the date. In looking for or buying a vintage Barbie, make sure that you take the time to check out the date it has been copyrighted. The "date" usually refers to the exact year Mattel - the maker of original Barbie dolls - copyrighted the doll's body style and not the year the doll was launched or made.

  2. Don't be confused in looking for the date because this can determine the value of your vintage Barbie. (TIP: Valuable vintage Barbie pieces are those marked with "1958" and those who bear the mark "Japan" found on the rear end or on the bottom of one of the doll's feet.)

  3. Consider the vintage Barbie's overall condition. Since it is an item that continues to increase its value over the years, the overall condition of the vintage Barbie is one of the most important aspects that should be paid attention to when buying.

  4. Meticulous collectors believe that the condition of the Barbie is also one of the major determinants of its present and future value so it is a must to have a keen eye when looking for one. Look for noticeable neck splits and other possible body splits, hair that has been cut or torn, missing plugs, lip chips, changed or faded color of cheeks, rubbed off texture, ears and faces that are greenish due to chemical reactions between plastic and metal earrings.(TIP: Make sure that all of the vintage Barbie fingers and the toes are intact, and that these have an even color. Also double check if there are any visible marks, stains, scratches or even gouges.).

  5. Look for valuable vintage Barbie pieces that have metal tubes. According to vintage Barbie collectors, the no. 1 Barbies are great finds and rare because these are the only Barbie dolls that have metal tubes in them that serve as a pronged stand.

  6. Pay attention to vintage Barbie accessories. Expert collectors say that valuable vintage Barbies are those wearing outfits that have meticulous and detailed linings. If you want to know the real value of vintage Barbie outfits, look for detailed and tiny accessories.
    (TIP: The dolls and outfits that have never been removed from their original cases and boxes are the most expensive and most sought-after vintage Barbie items there are.)

  7. Lastly, always look for the Barbie Trademark. Aside from the doll's overall appearance and condition, take note of important facts like year of copyright, present price of the original doll, and those that bear the Mattel, Inc. mark.

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