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Bermondsey: London's Antique Markets

Bermondsey: London's Antique Markets

London's Bermondsey Market

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The Bermondsey or Caledonian Market is an absolutely fabulous place.


Each Friday the dealers set up their stalls at 4:00 am… and by 9.00 am, when the tourists start arriving, most of the best bargains already are long gone. 


The biggest flea market in London, you can find almost anything there, including silverware, jewelry, antiques, fine furniture, china dolls, books, watches, clocks, marine & navigational equipment …as well as pretty much anything else that’s collectable.


It’s a mecca for serious collectors, and also attracts dealers not only from all over London, but from throughout the World.

But remember, you have to be there early if you are a serious collector… and don’t forget to bring a flashlight!!!

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