Prohibited or Restricted Items Policy

For legal reasons, and/or for the greater public interest, certain categories of Antiques, Vintage Items, Art Objects and Collectables are restricted or entirely prohibited from the @Quid Website.

Entirely Prohibited from the @Quid Website
Counterfeit Items (Currency, Stamps or whatsoever)
Contraband, items containing components from Protected Species if less than 100 years old
(examples include Ivory, Crocodile, Big Game Trophies
Hard Core Pornography and Child Exploitation (Photos, Magazines or Similar)
Offensive Material (examples include ethnically or racially offensive items and Nazi memorabilia)
Stolen Property and Property with Removed Serial Numbers

Prohibited from offer on the Quid Pro Quo Bulletin Board
Firearms, Weapons and Knives that are less than 150 years old
Uniforms & Police-Related Items if less than 100 years old

We will not accept any negotiations or infringements regarding above points. Any violations will result in a warning and if repeated in the termination of Your @Quid Member account. You will not be allowed to open another account thereafter.