Safety Tips


@Quid is not for people below the age of 13 years. If you are younger than that, there are lots of other appropriate sites on the Web for you. Please ask your parents to help you find them.



Keep Safe, Protect your identity

Posting videos or photos that include you, your friends, or your family is great, but remember, they will be available for all to see on the website.


Don’t include anything in your video, audio or photos that could help a stranger figure out who you are or where you live. Personal information like your telephone number or home address should not figure in the video, photo, audio or text. Watch out for things like license plate numbers on cars or images of the outside of your home.


@Quid will never ask you for your password, e-mail address, or other account information. Don’t be fooled if someone contacts you pretending to be from @Quid



Stay Happy!

Some people can be impolite or ill intentioned. When you post news, Qunol, answer a question, share your expert opinion in an appraisal, or in any other content you upload to the site, you always have the possibility to choose whether or not to allow others to comment on what you have uploaded. If someone leaves a comment about your content which contains unsuitable language, or is mean, you can delete that comment. Another option is to choose the "Kinda" option, which allows you to review and approve or deny any comments about your content before they appear on the website.


Also, hate, pornographic or other objectionable content that is not allowed on @Quid. See the Community Guidelines for details. If you ever come across any of these on the website, please help us weed it out. You can do this by flagging it where you see this icon (show flag symbol here). We will review the post and take appropriate action within the shortest possible time.


@Quid has many visitors every day. Most people are wonderful; but in every barrel there are bound to be a few bad apples. Stay safe, protect yourself, your family, your identity and your privacy! Report misuse, and of course always be friendly and cordial too when leaving comments.