Fabergé Egg

Peter Carl Fabergé was jeweller and goldsmith to the Russian Imperial Court, and created exquisite jewels as well as objects that include the renowned series of Imperial Easter Eggs of which the first was produced in 1885. For detailed information please consult the various Qunol about Fabergé, respectively the individual Easter Eggs, published here on @Quid.

The 1917 Russian Revolution brought an end to the Romanov dynasty… and also to Fabergé company operations in Russia. The Bolsheviks seized the workshops, assets and stopped all production, while Peter Carl Fabergé and his family fled the country.

Various entities continued to commercially employ the Fabergé name, including family members, until in a 1951 legal settlement, the Fabergé family further lost their right to do so. However, since 2007, company ownership and management once again includes family members.

Currently there are authorized reproductions of the Imperial eggs, eggs created by the descendants of Carl Faberge (Sarah Fabergé) and eggs made by the Company authorized to use the name Faberge. But there are also many present-day reproductions as well as Fabergé “inspired” items from unauthorized sources.

Concerning the two eggs for which you have requested an evaluation, identical items and similar ones can be found for sale via a Google search, including on eBay and at,, etc. Asking prices vary from only a few dollars up to several hundred dollars.

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