Your beautiful humpback trunk!

That's a lovely trunk!

Clearly - as objects - old trunks are invested with SOOOOOOOooooooo much mystery and romance: What far-off places they may have visited? What marvelous fashions they must have served to transport and protect!

An 18th or early 19th century pigskin hand made flattop trunk has decorated my own living room since over 25 years. But that far from makes me a vintage trunk expert :-) So I had a look around the Internet and did see a humpback trunk at that appears fairly comparable to yours (BTW the same trunk is also featured on that website's home page).

You'll see that this trunk was professionally restored by the owner of the above referenced website, and that it then fetched $899.

Based on that selling price, to determine the value of your own trunk, you still need to make allowances for condition/restoration cost and whether you are selling it to a reseller or to an end user. Also, where you sell your trunk (e.g. Craig's list, a high end antique shop, a specialized vintage trunks website, etc.) as well as your geographical location, all will all have an impact on the price you are able to get.

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Date: 20th Jan 11

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