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The Truth about Breitling's History

The Truth about Breitling's History

Finally the True Breitling History

Why there is so much mytholog” out there concerning the history of the watch brand Breitling, we’ll probably never know. However, reading all the misinformation posted to the various wristwatch collector forums, it is clearly time to separate the facts from the fables!

The first use of the Breitling name by a watch company was in 1840 by Breitling-Laederich.

Forty-four years later, a firm was created by G. Leon Breitling, later succeeded by Leon G. Breitling SA. There is no known connection between Breitling Laederich and the company founded by Leon Breitling.

In fact, Leon Breitling and his son Gaston probably never used the name Breitling on their watches at all. Every watch manufactured by them exclusively had a manufacturer mark on the movement, occasionally under the dial ( but not the name Breitling).

It’s only after the death of Gaston Breitling in 1927 that the firm Leon G. Breitling SA began signing their dials Breitling… a conclusion based on the fact that no known advertising or catalog shows the brand name Breitling written on the dial before the mid to late 1930s.

Upon the death of Gaston Breitling, his son Willy Breitling took over the firm.

Then, in May 1955, the present-day joint stock company, Breitling, was founded and entered into the Commercial Register… apparently a partnership between Willy Breitling… and Joh. Gobber sole proprietor of Joh. Gobber, Horlogerie, Grenchen (founded 1939)/Sicura AG, which was integrated into the joint stock company.

Indeed, in a 1951 record, the latter firm is listed as Sicura, Joh. Gobber, for pin levers, wrist watches with radium chapter and hands and for center seconds, water-protected and 15 jewel watches. It also was listed in 1966 both as SICURA SA and as SICURA WATCH CO. LTD.:

Commercial Register: Breitling, formerly Sicura AG Entry in the Commercial Register: 02/05/1955 Legal Head Office: Grenchen (SO) Former name Sicura Montres SA. Purpose of the company: Manufacture, sale and development of all products and components for watches, jewelry and jewelry industry for the manufacture of instruments and accessories of aviation for the textile and leather industry, optical instruments and other various accessories. Breitling AG Grenchen, Old names: - Montres Sicura SA Grenchen - Watches Sicura AG Grenchen - Sicura Grenchen Watch Company Ltd.

After that, upon the joint stock company's founding, it was run by Ernest Schneider, son-in-law of the founder of Leon G. Breitling S.A.: Gaston Breitling… until in 1979 his son, Willy Ernest Schneider, took over the Company.

Around this time, the Geneva based production was transferred to Montres Sicura AG in Grenchen, which adopted the name of Breitling AG in 1993, Former name: Montres Sicura SA; as of 29.11.1993: Breitling AG.

So there you go…

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