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Pewter Turning

Pewter Turning

Traditional Pewter Turning
In a hidden Paris workshop two brothers continue to create pewter pots using millennium old techniques.

All over the world traditional skills and trades are disappearing, and with them whole ways of life. With mass markets and global trade there seems little hope for the survival of the skilled craftsman. But the desire to own beautiful things, and the desire to make beautifully crafted pieces don’t disappear.

Richard Goodwin and Anne Blaber have made it their purpose to record on film as many as possible of the traditional trades and crafts that presently risk extinction. It is their aim thereby to stimulate the remaining master craftsmen to set up apprenticeships and courses, while encouraging a new generation to take up these professions.

Our present How-To Guide, featuring the pewter turning artistry of these two Parisien brothers, is comprised of one of Mr. Goodwin and Ms. Blaber’s marvelous films. For further information, we encourage you to visit their website.


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