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I am trying to determine the insurance value, on my inherited
Great-grandmother's Schwarzburg Midas gold pattern china set.From what I have seen
online(very few bits of information-I can't find but 1 photo of it, on
ebay, of all things). There are 54 pieces in this set(I believe it is incomplete)-it is marked with
the green stamped mark(coat of arms) and it only says Schwarzburg
underneath this-the word “Royal" is not on any of these items. The gold
edging is very pretty-but it looks scuffed, on some pieces, such as too
much handling, or packing and re-packing. The gravy tureen(that is
molded to the spill plate underneath) is with 2 handles, and very beautiful. There
are 2 long serving platters, on is 14", and the other is 16."
There are 6 cups, 8 saucers, fruit bowls, salad plates, and large plates.Do you know who I can speak with & provide photos, to view this
wonderful yet, incomplete set of dishes-I am assuming they are quite old.My mother gave me these dishes 20 years ago.
I did not know my Great-Grandmother, she passed away when I was 2, in 1962.
I need to find out the value, for insurance purposes.

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Date:  28th Mar 12

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